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I've tried to explain myself before and have failed. My interests shift and change to much. I love music, but sometimes I have little love affairs with History or a little anime/manga called Hetalia. I love the Dick Van Dyke Show, books, Donovan. I tend to write long posts about freaking out about my place in the world. I'm very interested in politics, but I wouldn't say I'm well versed in them. I'm very passionate about peace and civil rights...and yes there are still a lot of civil rights issues out there. I like old things, but I'm not completely against new music or anything like that. I love to talk to people, so anyone can just drop by and leave a message if they like. :)
~ Saturday, January 7 ~
So we got a new camera and it has a panorama setting!

So we got a new camera and it has a panorama setting!

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    Fml. The lake is far from frozen..
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    Lake Erie on an unusually warm January day.
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